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Frequently asked questions

Can Purafit Therapists come directly to our home?

Yes - We work with private clients. Depending on distance travel costs will be added. Please call for arrangements. 

How much is a Personal Trainer or to have a massage?

Please check out the Personal Training and Massage Therapy pages. 

We already offer our employees a Health club membership deal why should we want Purafit Corporate services?

Its all very well offering your employees a gym membership, but did you know that only one in ten people will ever use a gym?  So what are you doing about the other 90% of your staff’s health and well-being? That’s where Purafit comes in, because we come to you. 

How can Purafit help keep our employees motivated?

The best way for a person to stay motivated is to see measurable progress, and this is exactly what our service specialize in… results. After your screening process your results are logged and then every 4-6 weeks checked again, the guaranteed results give great motivation and give you a happy employee.

Will your company take up a lot of our employee’s time? We don’t want it to infringe on company time?

Our range of packages are suited to you, our service does not have to be in company time we can home visit or they can use our gym facilities. In addition we could install a gym into your work place if you have the space.

Can Purafit have a positive effect on company morale?

One of the key benefits of correct regular exercise is improves self esteem. Our company offers stress management and relaxation massage to keep clients happy and healthy. Stress in the workplace is worse than ever before, we guarantee to cut the number absent due to stress, sickness and illness.

We are a small company with just 10 members of staff, is Purafit suitable for us?

It certainly is, there are a variety of packages so we can tailor-make a programme no matter what size the company.
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