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Fitness centre design and management

The design side
  • Employee Interest Survey
  • Employee Demographic Analysis
  • Participation Projections (membership & utilization)
  • Peak Load Determination
  • Facility Square Footage Recommendations & Layout
  • Recommended Staffing Configurations
  • Estimated Facility, Equipment & Management Costs
  • Equipment Recommendations, Selection & Layout
  • Ongoing Facility Design & Consultation Throughout Construction

The management side

  • Marketing and Promotional Campaigns
  • Staff Recruitment, Training and Compensation Management
  • Financial Planning and Budget Management
  • Program Mission & Goal Development/Strategic Planning & Outcomes
  • Medically Oriented Participant Screening, Testing and Re-Testing Services
  • Exercise and Training Programs
  • High Risk Member Management
  • Group Exercise, Sports & Recreation Programming
  • Participation Incentives & Adherence Programs
  • Program Evaluation and Tracking Systems
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