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Massage Therapy

Purafit Massage Therapists can identify your trigger points! More generally known as knots. A Deep Tissue Massage will help to reduce the scar tissue which builds up and forms these knots/adhesions especially after injury or as with time if the scar tissue is not broken down then the knot will compress nerves, weaken and restrict your movement, making you prone to re-injure, creating a poor posture, muscular imbalances and more discomfort.

Do You Suffer From
  • Back or any muscular pain/Injuries?
  • Inflammatory conditions such as Arthritis?
  • Headaches or Migraines?
  • Stress, bad posture or low energy?
The Good News is a PURAFIT specialist is in your area that is fully qualified, has 7 years massage experience, insured and fully mobile! (Home visits)

Now Open - Our Exclusive Private Studio in Maidstone

Choose From
  • Upper body
  • Lower body
  • Both
  • 30 minutes @ £25
  • 60 minutes @ £40
  • 90 minutes @ £50

To book a FREE consultation contact Matt on: 07766 463 312

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