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Personal Training

Purafit has over 15 years experience behind them in the Fitness Industry.

Personal Training

Purafit’s Exercise Therapist’s will not only GUARANTEE to reach your fitness goal but will in addition spend time in the consultation to assess your (functional) movements and posture. All this will give the trainer a better understanding of your movement patterns, establishing your weaknesses, muscle imbalances and pain (if any) from poor posture. Then a suitable personalised exercise and nutritional program will be devised.

Why do I need a Personal Trainer?

There are so many reasons why having a personal trainer can be beneficial and in some cases advisable. Whether you are training for a specific sporting event, want to lose weight for you wedding or are recovering from an injury or an illness, having a personal trainer can make the difference to you achieving your goals.

Quality time

One of the biggest factors that many of our clients state as preventing them from achieving their goals, is lack of time. Often getting to the gym during the day or after work can be difficult, with an on-site gym of course it is made easier, but more importantly, if you are short of time in the gym you weren't to make sure that your time in the gym is as productive as possible. This is where personal training comes into its own.

Our personal trainers are trained to the highest standards to enable you to achieve your specific health and fitness goals. They will continually monitor your progress and motivate you to ensure that you get the most from every hour you spend with them.

Benefits of Personal Training

  • Maximum results in minimum time
  • improved posture
  • You will develop a better understanding of how to exercise more efficiently.
  • Manage your weight
  • Increased motivation and enjoyment of exercise
  • Re-habilitate after exercise
  • Train for a specific sport or event
  • You will be introduced to exercises that you have never tried before
  • You will learn about related aspects of a healthier lifestyle such as nutrition

Purafit's Personal Training is for everybody, and has been developed to provide all the assistance you may need in achieving your goals.

The full benefit of personal training is best attained through a series of sessions and is suited to every member regardless of age and ability.

Our Personal Trainers are fully qualified as well as passing Purafit A & P tests we always ensure that our trainers are up-to-date in all aspects of fitness and nutrition and give them 100% support.


  • An accurate assessment on how your body works and moves provides our trainers with specific information about you, your fitness requirements and the best exercises to start you with.
  • After an initial consultation for your basic personal details and then to establish your fitness goals, injuries, ideal weight, etc then we can then move on to the Purafit bodycheck
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